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The Future


Fisherman's Bay Management Pty Ltd began working towards a land division proposal in 1999.  


When the company’s proposal for land division of the settlement is completed, then each licensee will have the opportunity of purchasing freehold title to a block of land including not only the ‘footprint’ of their authorised shacks and sheds, but also the front, back and side yard areas within the new title boundaries together with the added advantage of a significant wastewater treatment plant to service the Town.


The land division of Fisherman Bay will:


  • provide private funding of the comprehensive waste treatment plant that has received full development approval from the Development Assessment Commission and the Council.  This will be a state of the art vacuum system.


  • provide substantial private funding for coast protection and stormwater management strategies that will not only protect the settlement of Fisherman Bay, but also freehold dwellings outside FBM’s land at the north east corner of the settlement and some Council toilet facilities.  


  • provide licensees with individual titles which can be offered as security for finance for substantial upgrading or replacement of building stock within the settlement.



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