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Fisherman's Bay Management Pty Ltd 

Address:- 50 Snapper Road, Fisherman's Bay  SA  5522

PO Box 210, Port Broughton  SA  5522

Phone: (08) 86352250


Fisherman’s Bay Management Pty Ltd is the registered owner of Lot 4, Hundred of Mundoora, approximately 66 hectares. All of that land is presently contained in one Certificate of Title.  The allotment is made up of shacks sites, as well as a large area of rural or open land behind or south of the settlement itself. 


In 1973 the land owner sold the land to Fisherman’s Bay Management Pty Ltd.  Fisherman’s Bay Management Pty Ltd grants licences to occupy to residents and holiday makers and manages the town, including the roads, trees and reserves while the Council manages the foreshore including the boat ramps and beaches.


The Fisherman Bay Township is located approximately five (5) kilometres to the north of the centre of Port Broughton.  Fisherman’s Bay Road is the only access road into the township which enters the township from the south western corner. The township is bordered to the west and north by coastal reserves and sandy beaches and to the east by mangroves and samphire scrub.


The township has the characteristics of a typical coastal settlement with roads (some of which are sealed) set out in a grid pattern, dwellings and shacks, boat sheds, two playgrounds, a boat ramp, swimming pontoons, public toilets, lawned picnic areas and sandy beaches.


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