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SA Water provides a mains water connection at the entrance of Fisherman’s Bay.   FB Pipeline Pty Ltd supplies reticulated water to 457 consumers for drinking and residential purposes to Licensees of shack sites on land owned by Fisherman’s Bay Management Pty Ltd in addition to consumers with shacks located in the Fisherman’s Bay area situated on land owned by Crown Land, consumers on freehold land and local council public toilet and foreshore facilities controlled by the District Council of Barunga West, since it was incorporated in 1981.  


On 4 June 2014 the Essential Services Commission of South Australia (ESOSCA) approved the issue of a water industry retail licence to FB Pipeline Pty Ltd.

Estimated Date of Next Water Meter Reading: 15/12/2021
Quarterly Supply Charge $104.00 - 2021/2022
Water Usage Charge $2.806 per kl - 2021/2022

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